BangJuice® Atomic Sweet


This product should be mixed with base liquid! Check out our selection here.

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About The Product

BangJuice® Atomic Kool

Sweeter than an Instagram Feed full of cats & puppies. Atomic Sweet from BangJuice® scares diabetics to death.*

Add 2-3 drops of Atomic Sweet to your e-liquid to make your juice taste sweet than ever.

Please pay attention to the dosage! No more than 2-3 drops per 2ml liquid. This is a DIY Add on, meaning you should add it to existing flavours.

*Our copywriter exaggerated. BangJuice® Atomic Sweet can also be used by diabetics in their liquid.

Don't forget to pick up your favourite base for your BangJuice® Aromas.

Product Specifications

Origin Germany
Brand BangJuice®
15ml Bottle 15ml Aroma (DIY Add On)
PG / VG 100 / 0
Type Aroma / Flavour
Flavour Sweet

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