BangJuice® Rainbow Bomb

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This product should be mixed with base liquid! Check out our selection here.

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About The Product

BangJuice® Rainbow Bomb

KABOOM. A BangJuice® Rainbow Bomb just dropped and it's more powerful than ever. A powerful mix of multivitamin fruits will hit your tongue at lightspeed. Some say it tastes fruity, some say it's sour. Let your tastebuds decide when you taste this rainbow.

Once you've snagged your BangJuice® Rainbow Bomb, add your favourite base and give the bottle a super quick a shake. Every bottle from BangJuice® already has the ideal amount of flavour, so no measuring cups or any other wizardry required.

All 60ml bottles contain 15ml of your favourite flavour. All 120ml bottles contains 30ml.

Also, don't forget to pick up your favourite base for your BangJuice® Aromas.

Product Specifications

Origin Germany
Brand BangJuice®
60ml Bottle 15ml Flavour
120ml Bottle 30ml Flavour
PG / VG 100 / 0
Type Aroma / Flavour
Flavour Multivitamin, Fruit 

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