Vape Juice Calculator For E Liquid

The BangJuice® Vape Juice Calculator

Bangjuice comes ready filled with just the right amount flavour for a great vape experience. All you need to do is add your favourite base and nicotine if desired.

Users that would like to customize their desired nicotine strengh can use the calculator to get determine the right mix. To do so simply:

  1. Select the bottle size that you have
  2. Input the shot strength of your nicotine
  3. Input your final desired concentration
  4. Use the calculated numbers to determine how much base and nicotine to add to your mix.

Keep in mind, shortfills already come with 40ml of base!

Choose BangJuice® Type

Flavor Pct*
Nicotine Shot Strength
Desired Concentration

Ideal Mix

Ingredient Quantity (ml)
PG/VG Nicotine: 5.0
PG/VG Base (No Nicotine): 40.0
Flavouring: 15.0

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About Our Vape Juice Calculator

Our vape juice calculator lets you create a totally custom mix for your eliquid, including your ideal PG/VG percentage.

How The E Liquid Calculator Works

  1. Input the desired mix result that you would like to obtain. This includes the percentage of PG/VG ratio you would like your resulting mix to have.
  2. Click on Calculate to see exactly how many ml of each ingredient you need to mix to get your ideal mix.


Keep in mind that the first output is for 100% PG nicotine shots and the second output is for 100% VG nicotine shots.

Add Your Inputs

Total E-Liquid to Produce
Flavor Pct
Nicotine Shot Strength
Desired Concentration

Using 100% PG Nic

PG Nicotine 33.33 ml
PG 6.67 ml
VG 40.00 ml
Flavour 20.00 ml
Total 100.00 ml

Using 100% VG Nic

VG Nicotine 33.33 ml
PG 40.00 ml
VG 6.67 ml
Flavour 20.00 ml
Total 100.00 ml