BangJuice® x VMC Charlie Delta Shortfill - 50ml 0mg

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About The Product

Bang Juice® VMC Charlie Delta

Code name: Charlie Delta.

Steamed Thai sticky rice with strawberries, vanilla, fresh milk, cream and a pinch of cinnamon sugar. And it's amazing.

Developed in collaboration with Vape Modz Customs.

Every shortfill bottle has the ideal amount of flavour and base already in it, you won't need any measuring devices to get that perfect mix.

A 60ml bottle of BangJuice® shortfill contains 50ml of e-liquid.

Product Specifications

Origin Germany
Brand BangJuice® & Vape Modz Customs
60ml Bottle 50ml e-liquid
PG / VG 30% / 70%
Type Liquid / Shortfill
Flavour Strawberry, Thai Sticky Rice, Vanilla, Cream, Cinnamon Sugar

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