BangJuice® Germaniac (Limited Edition)

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About The Product

Bang Juice® Germaniac

The 12th man on the pitch. The BangJuice® Germaniac limited Edition is like Mario Gotzë's gem of a winning goal vs Argentina in the world cup final. Yeah - we're going that far.

The taste is outrageous - expect a fusion of juicy watermelon, sweet kiwi, and fresh green apple. This limited edition beast will be the most satisfying vape of the day.

Much like all of your BangJuice® bottles, just add your favourite base and give the bottle a quick shake. Then you're all set on vaping. Since each of our bottles contain the ideal amount of flavour, you'll never need measuring cups or syringes or anything else.

A 60ml bottle of BangJuice® Germaniac contains 15ml of startbursting flavour, meaning you'll easily have the perfect ratio for your e-liquid. And a 120ml bottle contains 30ml of flavour.

Also, don't forget to pick up your favourite base for your BangJuice® Aromas.

Product Specifications

Origin Germany
Brand BangJuice®
60ml Bottle 15ml Flavour
120ml Bottle 30ml Flavour
PG / VG 100 / 0
Type Aroma / Flavour
Flavour Watermelon, Sweet Kiwi, Green Apple

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